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Goats Really Like to Nibble

And I find journaling to be theraputic

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Writer's Block: AKA-username
Snack Searching
What's the story behind your username?

s= for the "s" in "stephanie"
orion=the first constellation I was able to identify (and my subsequent favorite) and the name of my cat who was the most important "person" in my life for over a decade
dee=my childhood pet name for my grandmother, the other most important person in my life

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So I was just tooling around on LJ, adding "nigerian dwarf goats" to my interests, and thought I'd see who else liked the little dears. I guess I might seem a bit like a stalker, but I just can't help myself:
I'm Stephanie, and I have three Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and they really are the best!

Mine are does though, never freshened. They need to be bred next month.

If you don't mind, I'd like to add you as a friend. I'm really not a stalker, and you can check out my blog and know just about everything about my crazy magical life if you'd like.

Regardless, cheers to the little goats!

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