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time for change
Snack Searching
I need to make a lot of changes in my life, but I really need to address my eating issues. Before, I maintained a restrictive diet and exercised excessively, and I was unhealthy. Now, I binge eat and rarely work out, and I'm unhealthy. I need to work toward a healthy, happy medium.

I know I need to get back on track. I took photos of myself in my two bikinis and my favorite pair of jeans for comparison, now I just need to get started. The first thing I need to tackle is overeating. I am eating constantly, way too much in one sitting, and way too much, too late at night. It's making me sick, miserable, uncomfortable, and unattractive. But how do I combat the urge? Why do I continue to stuff my face past satiation? 

Some rules need to be set. Maybe no eating after 7pm? And I can try having tea in the evening...herbal tea is warm, sweet, and satisfying. I try not keeping my trigger foods in the house, but then Gram buys them and I can't bring myself to ask her not to because 1) she eats them too and 2) I don't like admitting I have problems. I should start keeping a food diary again...I'm just afraid I'm going to get obsessed with numbers again.

As far as exercising...I just need to do it. I love working out, that's not the problem. I need to make time to do it, make it a priority.

I HATE my body right now. My clothes are too tight or too small, and nothing fits how I want it to. I have a gut, and I NEVER had stomach fat
before. My abs were one of my favorite parts of my body. I was proud of my hard work! Everything is loose and flabby where it used to be tight and toned.

The pictures I took were an eye-opener. Like hell am I hitting the beach this summer looking like that! More importantly, I need my energy, strength, stamina, and self esteem back.


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