Goats Really Like to Nibble

And I find journaling to be theraputic

5 February
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I'm Steph. I have two Nigerian Dwarf goat wethers, and they are the best!

My favorite thing to do is go hiking with my boys and take lots of pictures!

Lap goat!

They grow up so fast!

I'm 24 and live at home with my grandmother. I have a certain fondness for nature, the environment, batik, tie dye, funky skirts, wrap pants, Birkenstock sandals, food, goats, and cats.

I have a minimalist attitude regarding my appearance-I rarely wear makeup and I'm not fussy about my hair. I also love to be barefoot!

I really want to travel and see the world!

I'm studying nutritional sciences at UNH. I'm trying to learn Italian so I can better study abroad in Italy. I really want to study at The University of Gastronomic Sciences. I recently joined a CSA and I can't wait until the growing season! I'm interested in the ideas put forth by Slow Food Inernational. I love anything involving the journey of food "from farm to fork."